United Socialist Republic of Arabia
المتحدة الجمهورية الاشتراكية العربية
República Socialista Unida da Arábia

Flag Coat of arms
Motto: عمال العالم، اتحدوا
Trabalhadores do mundo, uni-vos
Anthem: Internationale (Arabic)
Capital Al Emmanuel
Official languages Portuguese
Demonym Arabian
Government Marxist–Leninist dominant party unitary republic
Alphonse Antonio Salazar
• Declared
February 23rd, 1980
• Recognized
March 21st, 1987

The Republic of Arabia, or officially known as the United Socialist Republic of Arabia (Arabic: المتحدة الجمهورية الاشتراكية العربي) (Portuguese: República Socialista Unida da Arábia) is a nation formed from several island chains off the coast of Africa and south of the Arabian Peninsula. It Hist the largest nation in the Arabian world, both by population and by area, boosting 292 million souls, and  an land area size of nearly 3 million kilometers.

Its diverse racial and religious group gives the republic a highly pluralistic and open society, it was the first nation on the Arabian and African continental shelf's to legalize gay marriage and provide health coverage for abortions. While mostly ethnically Arabian, hailing from Palestine, the nations National Census Ministry projects that more then 43% of the nations population is of European descent, most of whom are from Portuguese ancestry. It's blend of Arabian and European culture has allowed the country to come some-what more pro-western then some of its more Islamic influenced brothers.

Founded on February 23rd, 1980 by a fiery civil war, now seen as the Revolução de Fevereiro, was one of the nations most bloody and economically devastating conflicts which lead to the ousting of King Saleem and the dominating Shiites. Following the revolution the nation was lead into the Arabian Civil War, which still in some elements continues to present day. After 1987, the Movimento Nacional Socialista and its leader Alphonse Antonio Salazar had officially gained control over all of the territory of the former rule of King Saleem and gained political dominace over the former Kingdom of Southern Arabia.


Revolutionary (1978 - 1982) 

King Saleem, an extremely conservative right-wing authoritarian Shiite had gained power after ten long years of opposition to the Portuguese whom had held the country under its wing for more then a hundred years. Saleem and his armies dreamed of reestablishing the Kingdom of Southern Arabia and in 1970 did so successfully with the backup from the United States. 

Civil War (1982 - 1987)

Northern Insurrection (1987 - 1990)

Salazarian Doctrine Era (1990- 2001)

War on Terror (2001 - Present) 







Political Parties 

Regional Politics