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Flag of the United Socialist States of America

Flag of the Socialist States.

The United Socialist States of America (Socialist States or USSA) is a sovereign state located in North America. The Socialist States is a pan-continental country, meaning it stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The Socilialist States is bordered by the Socialist Union of Canada to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the United Mexican Socialist States to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

The Socialist States has roots in the British colonization of the Americas. After winning independence, the original 13 Colonies formed the United States. The USA reached its current status with the Mexican-American War, in which the United States won California, New Mexico and claimed Texas from Mexico. The United States was torn apart in 1860 by the American Civil War, in which the pro-state Confederate States of America were defeated by the pro-national United States. America entered World Wars I & II, becoming key in defeating Germany twice. After the formation of the United Nations and world peace, the Soviet Union and the United States became locked in the Cold War, which ended with World War III. After the Soviet Invasion of the Americas, the Treaty of Boston capitulated the capitalist United States government and created the United Socialist Pact.

The Socialist States has a federal Marxist-Leninist single party democracy, in which the vanguard party makes most of the decisions using federally chosen votes. Meaning that the people of each vote on national subjects, and then the dominating say in that state contributes to the overall vote. If a subject reaches 25 or more approving states, then the subject is submitted by the National Socialist Committee of the Socialist States to the United Socialist Pact General Assembly. Upon gaining approval at the general assembly, the subject is then implemented into the national legal system. Unlike many other countries, the five freedoms of the American Constitution have been implemented into the USSA's political system quite well. By allowing the people to have these freedoms, the Socialist States federal government has the highest approval rating out of many countries in the USP (93%).

Like all other members of the USP, the USSA is a communist country based around the principle of product-for-product. The P-F-P ideology is that if a person contributes to a society, than that person is entitled to the fruits of that societies labor. This system allows for a large degree of choice based on the quality and choices made during their education. The Socialist States have a large welfare system for those unable to work either because of physical or mental problems. The level of development in the country is the highest in the world, particularly because World War III did not have as large as an impact on the United States than it did on Europe and Asia.

The Socialist States is a member of the United Socialist Pact, which is the general world alliance between all nations formerly apart of the United Nations.


Coat of Arms of the United Socialist States of America

Coat of Arms of the Socialist States.

The United Socialist States of America is a unitary state under a single party Marxist-Leninist body. The Premier of the Communist Party of the Socialist States serves as the head of state and government in the country. The Constitution of the United Socialist States of America is the framework of the government, and defines the rights of the citizen in relation to their production. The Constitution is a model for other former nations under American influence, and the combined support for the Americanized constitution of the United Socialist Pact continues its upkeep by the General Assembly.

The Government of the Socialist States is a hierarchy of the states, to the national government, to the USP General Assembly. The states are headed by an elected Chairman, who serve to represent that state in the National Socialist Committee. The Committee then elects a Premier of the Communist Party, who serves as the leader of the nation. All movements passed by the Committee must be approved by either the General Assembly of the USP or the Greater Communist Party Committee of the Pact. The Chairmen of the states vote on laws presented by their statesmen, and the Premier must approve all bills before presenting them to the Pact. Upon their approval, the Pact government either denies or accepts the motion, allowing for a new law to be placed into the Socialist States. Enactments need only the approval of either the Committee or the Premier to take effect across the Socialist States, as they do not directly change the laws of the nation.

The National Police Service of the Socialist States is the composite policing agency in the country controlled by the Premier. Locally, the NPS is divided into the fifty states for control by the Chairmen. From their local branches are the actual NPS officers, but national control is vested in the Premier for issues that violate a major law. If a person is convicted of a crime, they are first subject to fair trial by the National Courts of the Socialist States, which maintains branches in all county seats and a head national branch in Washingtongrad. Crimes that violate the constitution are tried by the national branch, and the rulings made by the jury of the National Court serve as rulings on all further instances of the affected right. The County Courts serve to enforce criminal or family laws that do not directly involve constitutional rights.

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