The United States Inter-Planetary Security Force or USPS, is a branch of the United States Armed Forces, that operates in the United States Territory of Omicron. It was established in 2038, before the colonization of the planet of Omicron.

Standard USPS Soldier

Led by General Cross the force protects the territory on Omicron from unknown species, alien life forms, and the Chinese Territory of Omicron.


The USPS uses similar technology to that of the United States Military, this includes:




The USPS drones are used for security around instillations, the border and other important security areas. They are modified civilian security drones.


A Dropship is an aerial attack ship used by the USPS. It is used to transport troops and cargo. It is also used by the US Armed Forces. It runs on 3 turbines.


Pulse Cannon

The Pulse Cannon is a energy weapon used by the USPS. It is used by Elite Soldiers. It fires like a minigun, but fires pulses of energy.

Rapid Fire Machine Gun



The Rapid Fire Machine Gun (RFM) is the standard issue weapon of the force. It features a telescopic lense, it has a high rate of fire. It has a 40 Round Magazine.

Shield Guard


A shield guard

The Shield Guard is a shield made up of an Energy Field, which protects the user. It is also used by the United States Military.


There are different types of soldiers in the USPS.

  • Standards - Standard Soldiers, sometimes known as 'Enforcers.' They carry a Rapid Fire Machine Gun, the standard weapon. They are the lowest rank in the USPS.
  • Shield Guard - Standard Soldiers equipped with Shield Guards, and Combat Shot Guns.
  • Sniper - Equipped with a sniper rifle with laser sights.
  • Elite - Elite Troops equipped with Pulse Cannons, and advanced military armor, similar to US Forces elites.They are the highest rank in the USPS.


The main installations the USPS has on the planet of Omicron are:

  • Alpha Base - A base near the settlement of Alpha.
  • Omicron Observational Base - Military Observatory.
  • US-China Border - On the Pan-Omicron Highway, at the border between US Territory and China Territory.
  • USPS Headquarters - Located in Achievement, similar to the Pentagon of the USA, on Earth.

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