Suome yhysvallat
Official Languages Finnish
Capital Kestar
Government Federal republic
President Joun Kivsalm (as of 2006)
Area 222068 km²
Population 35,169,000
GDP (nominal) per capita 220492 FIM
Currency Finnish markka (FIM)

United States of Finland is a country in the northern end of Payantese Sea.

Continent of Colcarely
Savonian Peninsulas, Countries: Ardenjost | Cardoby | Cuopio | Dereb | Ferribre | Garyenede
Kallayan Valley, Countries: Cihelec | Jõangre | Lebuvre | Nilsya | Vemeiro
Eastern Gacavi Valley, Countries: Kanlamya | Lebuvre | Shalkanu | Varanna
Elinires, Countries: Lechris | Naberma | Giuga

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