The United States of Providentia officially referred to as the United Providential States of America, and more commonly refereed to as Providentia too clarify the distinction from is predecessor; the United States of America

In 2002, the United States of America fell from internal political implications; the failures of the Bush administration, corporate involvement and government failure in which neither party would agree upon reversing. Government failure occurred on the eve of December 23rd, 2001, in which military general Cornelius Baratheon  whom lead several military divisions into Washington, DC on which by gun point demanded the the states representatives and senators to come to an agreement. This agreement came to be known as the Dissolution Pacts, which allowed for the politically divided areas of the United States to secede, with liberal areas of the American Northeast, the states of California and Nevada to become independent and allowing the state of Washington to join Cananda.

Under the Dissolution Pacts, gave general Baratheon the ability to overseer and command the divided nations military's in acts in which one of the states was under peril, known as the Liberty & Freedom Clause. Within the California Republic and the Republic of New England saw Baratheon as savior for the political turmoil that had engulfed the nation, within a year the two liberal republics declared equality among homosexuals, giving marriages and providing hate crime laws. Within the more conservative states which had completely disconnected themselves for a federal government went into ruins, and several inter-state conflicts arouse, social equality sank to its lowest since the 1960's. 

In 2008, with the Dissolution Pact being ignored by Baratheon, launched the Act of Providential Order in which he established that the Liberty and Freedom Clause must be also accepted in instances in which the states battled one another. By 2010, all states had surrendered under the federal power of Baratheon, whom had taken on the military name of Aten. Soldiers became inducted into Baratheons's doctrine, requiring physical and ideological training, which lasted more then 5 months. 

With the capture of the civilian populations, Baratheon proclaimed that in order to establish a single nation, under one providence and that the instillation of a federal education system would take hold. With no constitution or law guiding Baraethon, with the exception of the Dissolution Pacts, he was in a sense a deposition dictator.