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The United Terran Federation, often simply referred to as the Federation, or the UTF, is the main power that rules over Humanity, Earth, and their colonies.


Origins and Founding

The Federation can trace its origins back to the Earth-Colony Unification Charter which was drawn up at the end of the the war between Earth and the Mars-Titan Alliance, seeking to fully unite Humanity, the United Earth Nations whom was the victor of the war, put forward the idea of an organisation that would govern over all of Humanity and its colonies.

Due to being the victor of the conflict, the UEN had a major say in how the future Federation would operate paving the way for a democratic but authoritarian hegemonic organization that would rule over the colonies with an iron fist whilst simultaneously being incredibly biased towards Earth, and to a lesser extent, Sol, based interests.

Early Expansion Era (2075-2125)

After pooling all the resources left from the previous war together, the Federation began to work on expanding out into other solar systems, for a while the expansion heralded a golden age for the Federation bringing in a large amount of resources and wealth, however in recent years things have started to get tense between the Federation and its outer colonies due to what the outer colonies see as ruthless over-exploitation of their worlds.

Age of Stability (2125-2195)

A time of peace for the Federation, whilst the colonies and Earth viewed each other with something akin to disdain, they were generally able to cooperate and continue to prosper and grow, this was not to last though.

Growing Tensions (2195-2200)

While things were prosperous in the Sol System and to a lesser degree the immediate solar systems around it, the outer systems were having a hard time working under the Federation's increasingly authoritarian rule and a protest group known as Liberty First was formed to try and enact benevolent change in the Federation, however the Federation viewed the group as dissenters with harmful views and ordered its police forces to execute the members of the group.

The group's execution prompted the forming of what is currently known as the Colonial Liberation Corps, to some it is a noble group seeking to overthrow the Federation's iron fisted rule of the outer colonies, but to others it is viewed as a violent and ruthless terrorist organisation that wishes to overthrow the only semblance of order in the colonies and replace it with their own equally questionable brand.

Extra-Solar War (2200-Present)

Government and Politics



Society and Culture

List of Colonies

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