United Workers Front
Birleşmiş İşçiler Cephesi
Founder Şükrü Coşkun
General Secretary Şahnaz Uzun
Slogan Workers of Kurdistan, Unite!
Founded 1958
Headquarters Ankara
Student wing Patriotic Student Workers
Ideology Communism
Political position Far Left
National affiliation Democratic Republic of Turkey
Official colours Red and Gold
Party flag
Flag of the United Workers Front
Democratic Republic of Turkey
State Emblem of the Democratic Republic of Turkey.png

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Politics and government of the
the Democratic Republic of Turkey

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The United Workers Front (Turkish: Birleşmiş İşçiler Cephesi) is the ruling organisation of the Democratic Republic of Turkey and a political alliance between the legal parties of Kurdistan. The BIC is led by the Turkish Republican Workers' Party which is the overall dominating party of both the organisation and the nation, with the other parties (the Communist Party, the Kurdish Socialist Party and the Islamic Workers Party) having extremely limited roles.

The BIC is divided into three separate bodies: the overall ruling commission known as the Central Committee; the main executive body being the Politburo and the main legislative body being the People's Supreme Assembly. Internal party affairs are handled by the Secretariat, which has control over the Central Committee, the Politburo and the Supreme Assembly. The General Secretary of the Turkish Republican Workers' Party is the leader of the BIC , who heads both the Secretariat as well as the Central Committee.

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