University of Nanhai Tudi

Uneberseda du Nanha Tudi



नेन एक विश्वविद्यालय

Motto Peace, Love, Excellence, For the Country
Established June 1910
Type Public
President Somchai Yun
Staff 3,550
Students 45,920 (system-wide for 2014-2015)
Undergraduates 20,340 (system-wide)
Location Main campus - Nan'an, Nanhai Tudi
Campus 7 campuses nationwide
Former names Nanhai Tudi College (1910 - 1945)
Nanhai National College (1945-1960)
Nahatu Republic College (1960-1975)
Colors Black and blue

The University of Nanhai Tudi is the public research university of Nanhai Tudi. Founded in 1910 as Nanhai Tudi College.


It was founded in 1910 by the Filipino-American-Nanhai professor and mathematician, Robert Feng as Nanhai Tudi College. He was also the first President of the the same school. The first campus was built in bamboo. The first campus was in Han-le, Nanhai Tudi (now acquired by the City College of Han-le)

Together with the establishment of the same school, the College of Science and Technology (now divided into College of Liberty Science, College of Chemistry and the College of Arts and Sciences), College of Medicine, College of Law and the College of Engineering was established. In 1920, the campus of Han-le was relocated into the 5 hectare land in Lundeti, Nanhai Tudi (now acquired by the Bank of Lundeti). It is located in the Han-le Island. Together with the relocation, the College of Agriculture, College of Foresty and the College of Political Science was established.

In World War II, the Nanhai Tudi College was closed due to the attempt Japanese colonization of Nanhai Tudi. The former campus in Lundeti was fired out. In 1945, the College was re-opened into a new name, Nanhai National College.