Upper North American War
Part of World War III
Date Late 2014-Early 2021
Location USA and Mexico
Result USA Army defunct. USA shortened to District of Colombia, and there are many new countries.
Commanders and leaders
Palima: Michael Alison

USA: Barack Obama-Zachary Taylor Petrison Four Corners Republic: Mark Synthins

Petroania: James Petrimon

Mexico: Enrique Peña Nieto Canada: Stephen Joseph Harper-Paul Hollinton Puerto Rico: Alejandro García Padilla The Republic of Virginia: Bob McDonnel

Casualties and losses
USA: 17,089,728 killed. 179,758

died of disease. Palima: 6,239,029 killed. 102,812 died of disease. Petroaina: 331,798 killed. 2,293 died from disease. Puerto Rico: 22,534 killed. 157 died from disease

Four Corners Republic: 23,189 killed. Canada: 46,890 killed. 1,476 died from disease

179 died of disease. Mexico: 1,232,821 killed. 7,415 died of disease. The Republic of Virginia: 89,457 killed. 1,152 died of disease.

Total Casualties: 25,370,509

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