The World of Ur by Tommy

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The Ur Convention is established to maintain a degree of consistency in your contributions to the original design of The World of Ur. Please, adhere to these rules in order to keep the world consistent in every aspect.

  • The only space-faring species is the Raum in this world.
  • The Raum is meant to be felinoid in design.
  • There are only two overruling nation states namely Rothmanthar and Yarmanthar.
  • Please, do not change any facts in the two empires' main info pages.
  • The present Rauic society had achieved technological singularity, so their technological abilities are infinite.
  • Homo sapiens does not exist in The World of Ur.

You may unleash your creativity as long as you could keep to the simple rules above meant only to maintain consistency of design.

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