the usa (united states of america and asia is a democractic republic bordered in north america(of earth 1914) by canada the csd, mexico and includeds as states the chains o9f japan,hawaii,phillipines its caspital is columbus dc its econony is unionized capitalism. the usa flag is the union jack due to its origin as brit colonies(see flags-csd) in 1854 us ships arrived at japan due to the capital being named after a man who tried to reach asia but hit america the usa annexed and granted statehood to japan. repeating same for phillipines and hawaii, and buying alaska as part of president sewqrds plan to abosorb canada. this plan was spolt by the events leading to the csd see csd) The peaceful divorce of the csd(confederate states of dixsoc) was sealed by britain which had phased out slavery in 1835-except in cuba -which it had rented from the spanish empire- Made a deal with the csd/ Spanish empire to corule cuba. its flag is a csd naval jack a csd flag in the upper canton, agreen stripe (ag) on the bottom-also the canton flag here is a combo of the union jack and csd flag

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