Usonian credit
Usonian Credit Card
A Usonian Citizen's Monetary Card
ISO 4217 code UCR
Central Bank Bank of Usonia
Date of introduction 23 July 2008
User(s) Flag of Usonia Federalist States of Usonia
Inflation 2.14%
1/100 Cent
Theoretical (not used)
Symbol ­₢
Nickname Plastic, Blackies, E-Creds
Plural Credits
The Usonian credit (sign: ; code: UCR) is the official currency of the Federalist States of Usonia. It is one of the most highly traded currencies in the global market, and the high-valued currency unit in the world, converted to the US dollar at a ratio of 1:1 (US$4.17354). The credit is totally digital, maximizing efficency and convertability within the global market. There is no physical money in the nation. Each Usonian citizen is issued a Citizen's Monetary Card (CMC) at birth, gene-coded to their person to ensure maximum security against identity theft should their card be lost or stolen.

CMCs are considered legal tender throughout Usonia, and when travelling outside of the country, CMCs are used in the same manner as credit cards. All funds earned by a citizen are placed into their personal bank account, and withdraw during monetary transactions. Temporary CMCs can be issued to those not wishing to lose their original card while travelling abroad. The value of the Usonian credit is locked by law, and can only be altered with the consent of the President of Usonia on the advise and council of the Secretary of the Treasury.


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