VX Cloud Dispersing

A VX canister releasing it lethal payload

The Hurian Federation's VX weapons are a series of highly potent chemical warheads designed to deny the enemy control of certain portions of land. VX weapons were declared weapons of mass destruction in the 1990s, and the worldwide effort to destroy the VX stockpiles lead to the removal of 95% of the world VX supply. However, as Huria did not attend the Chemical Weapons Convention in 1993, it was not included in the treaty outlawing the weapons. Thus, Huria's VX stockpile is the single largest in the world, with some 9,255 VX rockets on active duty. VX is most effective for preventing enemy forces from moving through a certain region. The Hurians used VX extensively during the Amazon Campaign, prevent Brazilian Liberation Forces from escaping certain battlefields, and creating killzones for Hurian soldiers shooting at fleeing Brazilians.


During the Cold War, Huria's government under Supreme Commander Rollace Williams, saught to develop non-nuclear alternatives to the weapons being developed by the United States and the Soviet Union in th an attempt to get around the nuclear arms treaties that prevent it from building its own up until 1991. In 1986, it was concluded that the nerve agent VX, would be used as the WMD of choice for Huria. VX is the most toxic nerve agent ever synthesized for which activity has been independently confirmed. The median lethal dose (LD50) for humans is estimated to be about 10 milligrams through skin contact and the LCt50 for inhalation is estimated to be 30–50 mg·min/m³. Thus lethal results were what attracted the military to the weapon's effectiveness and potential as a bargaining chip during negotiations with the superpowers. Currently, Huria possesses enough VX to kill every human being on earth.


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