Officially the Dùvae'ic Laiya Va'ainùsa- Holy Protectorate of Va'ainù, it is home to the Laiyavorn. It is the oldest nation in existence, the first to develop written language, yet by no means the most technologically advanced. The main wealth of Va'ainù is in its culture, language, academic and philosophic knowledge, religion, and magical prowress (as only the Laiyavorn are physiologically capable of utilizing magic outside of binding enchantments.)


Before the rise of the First Lord Protector Carashay, Va'ainù was merely inhabited by a group of nomadic tribes, some with spoken langauges and rudimentary hierarchies, and most with no language or order whatsoever. One tribe, who named themselves Ɲelava, The People, possessed a primeval spoken language now known as Proto-Quùvarani, was headed by Carashay. At one time, Carashay became ill, and was bedridden for many days. One day, laying restlessly on the deerskin mat on the floor of his wooden shelter, trying to center himself and block out the pain of the illness, he unknowingly entered the proper state to allow for a vision from the Varùsali, the Spirits. In the vision, now referred to as a Seeing, he saw the creation of the universe and the ominiscient entity Hai Volùna, from whom all creation stemmed. He saw the earliest times (for there is no "beginning") when there was nothing other than Hai Volùna (now spelled as Hai Volùn) and when Its unity was sundered, and the Varùsali were created from the tear. The Varùsali manifested in the stars, bringing shades of light and colors to the former, uniform blackness. As the spirits developed, their conciousness grew.

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