Tasavalta Vaisalie
Area 8,820,441 km²
Rate of change
+10.32%/year (2006)
Head of state Iacus Harticenus
Official language Vaisalian
Capital Putarxasta

The republic of Vaisalia is a country on Venus. It comprises of the main island and other islands nearby.

Most densely populated municipalities

  • Teraxesta, 1.0928/km² (1045 km², 1142 inhabitants)
  • Laxis Elame, 0.9940/km² (998 km², 992 inhabitants)
  • Putarxasta, 0.8496/km² (492 km², 418 inhabitants)
  • Vallasta, 0.7730/km² (1599 km², 1236 inhabitants)


There are some roads in Vaisalia.

The first railway, made by voluntary workers, was finished between Teraxesta and Putarxasta on March 13, 2006.


The official language, Vaisalian, is a mix of Latin and Finnish, developed by the founder of the republic. The names of the municipalities often mimic the Turkish way of creating a name to a city using Greek preposition "eis". The ending "-sta" is a Finnish case ending meaning "from". As a consequence, Finnish-speaking people find the style and Vaisalian language to be shameful and stupid. This is why Finnish people founded another country into the antipodal place, in the middle of Sacia.


Vaisalia in red. Venuspoli

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