Valentin Andrieux
Valentin Andrieux
Official portrait
9th Procurator of Justice of the Hurian Federation
Assumed office
17 August 2001
Preceded by Nandi Mashaba
17th Sector Commander of Mavuno
In office
2 May 1990 – 17 August 2001
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by N/A
Personal details
Born11 April 1962 (age 50)
Ukarimu, Mavuno, Huria
Political partyKukana Party
Alma materN/A
Valentin Andrieux (born 11 April 1962) is the 9th Procurator of Justice of the Hurian Federation, and a major Vazaha political figure. He was appointed to his position on 17 August 2009 to replace Nandi Mashaba, who went on to become the War Minister of Huria. Outspoken and dynamic, Andrieux is a popular leader in Huria, and a media figurehead for the nation's international image. Often called upon to deal swiftly with judicial matters as Procurator, Andrieux was vital in establishing many of Huria's recent laws.

Andrieux was formerly the Sector Commander of her native Mavuno, where he was born and raised. Ever critical of local politicial developments, Andrieux holds much weight in native Réunion, and has been used by the Hurian government to enforce laws and pass critique that can aid the island and the surrounding area's development. Having served as an aid to Mashaba during his attempts to get into law, the two, along with the current Supreme Commander, Maurice Williams, are close friends, who together along with Josephine Williams, form the leadership of Huria.


Early Life

Politicial Views

Andrieux is a strong anti-American politician, having voiced his views a number of times about the American-led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. His hatred of American foreign policy led to a number of strong critics of his actions by the international media, who vilified him and his supporters more so than the Hurian government. They stated that he was attempting to divert attention for Huria's own issues, even though no such evidance was ever found. During one interview with BBC in October 2012, Andrieux stated that he supports Iranian nuclear ambitions, and during the UN session regarding the aims of Iran, Andrieux stated plainly:

Benjamin Netanyahu, has is short, threatened to bomb Iran if it completes and tests a nuclear weapon, in spite of the fact that Ahmadinejad stated that neither he nor his nation are interested in a war that would in effect, be tanamount to national suicide. The hypocrisy of a belligerent, war-mongering politician speaking about the menace of Tehran’s nuclear weapons is grotesque is disgusting.
—Valentin Andrieux

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