Vampires are one of the many Human Races.

General Information

bipedal humanoid


omnivore: do not have to drink blood, but cannot survive as vegetarians due to a lack of certain enzymes


even adults learn additional languages as easily and perfectly as small children

Average Lifespan

normal to extraordinary

Physical Information
Average Height

no gender differences, i.e. males smaller and females taller than humans, around 170cm

Average Weight

no gender differences, i.e. males lighter and females heavier than humans

Skin Colors

all human colors possible

Hair Colors

always black, white in old age

Eye Colors

usually dark gray with black–white vision (weak red–green)

Abilities Information
Special Attributes

nocturnal, remarkable dentition, cannot fly or morph

Societal Information
Common Alignments


Vampires have no (lethal) allergy or weakness to sun-light (UV radiation), but since their metabolism is nocturnal they often look anemic, pale and ailing to our eyes. Other races cannot become vampires by being bitten.

Most vampires are religious or spiritual,  many speak several languages fluently and easily learn more, but they are mostly unskilled technically and untalented mathematically.

Young vampires age and mature faster than humans, but older vampires look considerably younger than most other races at the same age.

Mixed-breed vampire offspring
Other parent Son Daughter
Human mother vampire human
Werewolf father werewolf exceptionally big werewolf

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