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Van Batenburg
—  Federal District  —
City of Van Batenburg
Van Batenburg Portrayal.jpg
View of VB from Clifford Temme Point
Van Batenburg State Flag.png
Nickname(s): The Sovereign City / The Dutch Capital
Red pog.svg
Van Batenburg City Location.png
Location of VB on the island of Hoeksma
Country Marit Islands
State Van Batenburg
Founded Aug 19, 1689
Named for Klaus van Batenburg
 - Mayor Chevy Kempen (SDP)
 - Total 4,087,993
 - Demonym Van Batenburgite(s)
Postal Code 8778-001
Regional Telephone Code +45 2
Website vanbatenburg.mi

Van Batenburg is the largest city in the Marit Islands located on the northwestern point of Hoeksma Island.  It is one of the two capital cities of the nation, serving as the legislative capital. It's counterpart, Townsend, serves as the capital city of the executive and the judicial branches. Van Batenburg is a federal district, but additionally serves as the capital of the state with the same name. Van Batenburg (State) not only encompasses the federal district, but it's neighboring communities as well. A resident of Van Batenburg is known as a "Van Batenburgite".

Van Batenburg was the first established city, by the Dutch on August 8, 1689. It was not made the second capital of the nation until the 2075 Constitution, with the establishment of the Office of Prime Minister and a new legislature.

The city's nicknames are "the Soveriegn City", named for it's beauty and for it's independent nature, and "the Dutch Capital", being the location of 65% of the Dutch speaking population. The residents of Van Batenburg have been described as "Dutch nationalists" and very proud of their culture.

Being a federal district, the city is not considered a part of Van Batenburg (State). However, in practice the state exercises authority over the city. Additionally, a good portion of MPs come from the federal district of Van Batenburg. The neighboring communities of Van Batenburg that are in the state are: Solange, Van Roekel, Coates and Kemp, Heath, and Hogeweg.

In politics, Van Batenburg is the seat of the Social Democratic Party and the Dutch Leftist Party, both left-wing political political parties.

Van Batenburg is the largest city by population and area, barely surpassing Townsend. Van Batenburg holds the title as the wealthiest city in the nation. It's citizens are generally younger compared to other national cities. Van Batenburg is, however, often critisized for it's high prices of goods and services, and having the highest taxes in the country with an income tax of 48%.