Vanev-Hurian Conflict
Hurian troops in Bangui
Hurian forces stationed in Bangui pose for photo
Date 31 July 2012 - 12 August 2012
Location Central Africa
Result Hurian withdrawal because of the fall of the Hurian Federation
Flag of the Hurian Federation Hurian Federation Vanev

Flagnew1op1 United Commonwealth of Australia & New Zealand

Flag of the SAC Southern African Confederacy

Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Hurian Federation Benjamin Williams Flag of Novaya Zemlya Free Republic Ivan Nerosk

Flag of the SAC Siphiwe Masondo

Flag of the Hurian Federation Total Hurian & allied forces 402,850
  • Flag of Uganda Sector Uganda Sector Army 70,000
  • Flag of Kinshasa Sector Kinshasa Sector Army 50,000
  • Flag of Angola Sector Angola Sector Army 50,000
  • Flag of Cameroon Sector Cameroon Sector Army 25,000
  • Flag of the Hurian Federation Quick Reactionary Force 200,000
  • Mauaji Logo Mauaji 7,850
Total Vanev and allied forces 238,640

Flag of the SAC Southern African Armed Forces 52,000

Casualties and losses
The Vanev-Hurian Conflict is a war between the Hurian Federation and Vanev, over the ownership of the Central Africa Republic, and other central African states. The war is currently low-key, though if the fighting continues as it is, other nations may get involved. The Hurians refused to recognize the CAR and other nations as sovereign, and are pointing to an old treaty between the states signed in the 1970s granting Huria permission to intervene should something go amiss in the nation. However, the country was a member of Vanev, which refuses to recognize Huria's claim to the country. This thus lead to armed conflict.

The conflict effectively ended on 12 August 2012, when most of the Hurian forces were withdrawn because of the dissolution of the Hurian Federation. Vanev quickly defeated the remnants, ending the conflict, and entered the disputed territories to attack Hurian loyalist groups.




Huria is fighting on its home turf, where it has the clear advantage. The Point Defense Network will prevent any missile attacks into its territory, and the Defiance Defense Perimeter will ensure any land or aerial are restricted to lands outside of East Africa. Reinforcing troops in the theater of combat will be fluid, granted the fact that Huria is right next to the fighting. Hurian forces outnumber Vanev forces by the tens of thousands, with the additional hundreds of thousands stationed in Huria itself. With the addition of superb combat training, Hurian soldiers are excellent jungle fighters, and are likely to dominate the field if a jungle enviorment presents itself. Logistically, Huria's decades of inter-linking the rail networks of the countries around it to its own to speed up its plans for the region shall enhance Huria's dominance of the fighting. All-in-all, it will come down to what Vanev attempts to try during the conflict. Regardless, all of the cards seem to be in Huria's favor.


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