The Union of the Vanilla Isles (Vanilla Isles) is a sovereign state located in the Northern Atlantic Ocean and considered to be apart of the European continent. The Vanilla Isles is an island nation without land borders, and the archipelago is surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean to all directions.

The Vanilla Isles is a unitary, communist state with a Commissioner General as the head of government and state and a Congress of Commissioners serving under the respective position. The unique communist government that rules the Vanilla Isles is responsible for keeping the nation's regime in power during the fall of the Soviet Union by introducing a hybrid regime of democracy and communism. Using a Leninist standpoint, the government introduced the democratic method of governance in 1932. The Congress of Commissioners is elected by the people along with a separate election for the Commissioner General. The congress creates laws based on the needs of the people, and the commissioner general, along with a direct popular vote on every legislation, approve and pass the laws made. The commissioner general also holds the responsibility of insuring the enforcement of these laws and the protection of the people. giving that officeholder power over the military and enforcement offices. The proceedings of the government in relation to the people are outlined in the Constitution of 1932, which was established after the overthrow of the Ducal government.

The Vanilla Isles has an industrialized, mixed economy which focuses heavily on the production of agricultural products which are endemic to the island. The Isles was the location of the first industrially produced packets of coffee, which still make up a large segment of the nation's economy. The cultivation and processing of endemic agricultural products is the main backbone of the economy, employing nearly 65% of the people of the Isles. Tertiary and other primary industries make up the remainder of the economy. A trade surplus is had within the nation, and the government profits greatly from the export of processed foods and minerals. As a result, public services and infrastructure are well maintained, and many people of the Isles are contempt with the current communist regime.

The current government holds well relations with most major powers across the globe, and the Vanilla Isles enjoys high trade volumes with developed nations. The Isles' is a member of the Schengen Area, the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and apart of the European Economic Area. However, the Vanilla Isles maintains both its own currency and does not participate in any European governmental integration efforts, wishing to remain distinctly independent of European control. While the Isles does maintain well relations with most Western nations, the United States holds somewhat unstable relations with the Isles due to its former partnership with the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact countries.

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