The Varietii were a water - based species from Palaedonia that shared common ancestry with the Palaedonii, and similiar intelligence levels. When their cousins took to the land, they remained in the sea, where they expanded and developed. It is believed that their species became extinct following the Apocalypse.


The early Varietii were excellent hunters, crafting tools from the rock they found. As time went on, however, they were often defeated by creatures that were more effectively adapted to their environment, particularly creatures that resembled earth sharks. In response to this, they began to dig gigantic underwater caverns where they could hide safely away.

As time went on, the underwater world of Palaedonia became divided up into the major tribes. From these tribes grew, much like the situation on land, leaders and new forms of government. One of the tribes, to the south of Orientus, contained so many wild creatures that the Varietii population there had become extinct long ago. Various exploration missions had been sent into the territory, but few had returned, and none had enough information to effectively map out the area, so it was left untamed.

By 23 000 Vici by Palaedonii years, the Varietii had used their sophisticated intelligence to become the undisputed masters of the sea. Their main weakness, however, was that the various tribes hated each other and each adjacent tribe, with the exclusion of Muni (because of the elite defences around the borders and the incredible soldiers that guarded it), was engaged in constant war. The borders themselves would rarely change significantly as the various armies were reasonably matched.

This way of life continued up until the Apocalypse in 27 218 Vici. The radiation from the Apocalypse entered the water at an alarming rate and poisoned the entire species, along with all other undersea life forms, within a space of just under two weeks. No evidence has ever been discovered that the Varietii are still alive, despite their intelligence.


The Varietti's physology was very similiar to that of the Palaedonii - long, streamlined bodies, small powerful claws and flexible heads. Their hands and feet were webbed and there were also numerous fins on their arms. They also have a number of strong teeth.

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