Vasia is a small planet in a solar system nearby to the solar system containing Imperia. The native people are not particularly intelligent and have fought numerous wars throughout its history. It is currently controlled by the Empire of Imperia.
Capital City Terin City
Currency Standard Dime, Vasian Kurik
Population 200 million
Official Language(s) Vasian, Duelliki


The early history is, unsurprisingly, clouded. It is believed that the ancient people of Vasia went through two distinct 'ancient eras' before finally joining together to form larger nations. These were the age of stone and the age of iron, both of which are similiar to early Earth eras.

At last, when the nations of Vasia began to put aside their differences and come together as nations, things seemed to grow for the better. Many believed that years of constant fighting between tribes was now at an end, and that nations could peacefully build towards the future. However, the nature of the Vasians was relentless, and war continued, wreaking havoc across the planet.



In an attempt to crush their enemies, more powerful and advanced weaponry was developed by the warring countries. Also, countries managing to keep the peace could work on other methods of developing their way of life. With this system, the Vasians developed a comfortable system of progression.

War came and went. Because any money the nation acquired was spent on the military, basic living standards in nearly every country were terrible. Starvation and drought was a common cause of death in many of the nations, as well as many types of diseases.

When the Duelliki invaded, the nations were as warlike as they had ever been, charging against their enemies with little thought of tactics. A few more organised resistances were enforced, but they were crushed under Imperia's superior technology. To many, the invasion came as a relief - living conditions were still terrible, but they were far better than anything the natives of Vasia had ever had. There were no more wars, and any disputes were resolved quickly and effectively by the Duelliki authority.

This way of life continues to this day on Vasia. Few open resistances have been launched, and none possess anything like the strength needed to challenge such a formidable opponent. Still, one major underground resistance does operate, the Hand of Vasia, and this has caused the Duelliki some serious problems.


Particularly bumpy, with an RLM: 4. There are a number of mountains and there is almost no flat ground across the planet. Volcanic eruptions are common making living there incredibly difficult. In fact, a volcanic eruption nearly sabotaged the Duelliki invasion when the ash cloud blocked the invaders screens.