Vault 24 is a Vault-Tec vault located in southern Nevada, near to bombed out city of Tonopah.


Vault 24 was probably constructed along with the other Vault-Tec vaults in the mid 2060s to the early 2070s. Vault 24 was different from other vaults, in the sense that it was never occupied. In 2284, the Nevadan Military discovered Vault 24 to the east of Tonopah, while on a scouting mission for Raiders on the NCR-Nevadan border. Vault 24 was found covered by a few boulders, with many skeletons outside the Vault door. The assumption was that the Vault was blocked off when it became time to use it, and was innaccesible to the local residents. Once cleared and entered the Vault was found to have many un-used technologies in pristine condition, which was one of the main sources of Pre-War technologies for the country.

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