Vaults are an underground shelter developed by Vault-Tec, and is used to protect parts of the population of the Confederate States of America during an time of nuclear war between the US, CS, or the Soviet Union. The Vaults have water-purifier chips that allows water from any region to be cleansed of salt, dirt, radiation, and other isotopes or debris that could poison the water. There are currently 110.


There locations and functions are listed below:

Designation Description Location
Vault 0 Presidential Bunker, used to house the President and Governmeent Officials, and their families from the nuclear holocaust to come from the possible nuclear war between the CS and Soviet Union. Richmond, Virginia
Vault 1

Protects the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and other vital documents and objects that are of value to the American history, and who will ever find. In the event of an nuclear war, robots carefully move the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Articles of Confederation from their respective structures, and places them in the bunker.

Washington, Maryland
Vault 2 New York City, New York
Vault 3 Protects the Liberty Bell from nuclear destruction. As with the Washington, machines move the Liberty Bell underground, and it remains there until word from the Vault-Tec vault allows them to reactivate and move the bell from its shelter to its orginal spot. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Vault 4 Chicago, Illinois
Vault 5 Shelter for the CEO's of Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, and other major corporations in the area. As well as protect the designs of the vehicles from 1900 to the present day, and hold the history of the automobile. Detroit, Michigan

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