Lecrotia License Plate

Plate used since 1997.

The vehicle registration plates were introduced in Lecrotia in 1958. They are issued by the National Vehicle Registration Office. Whenever a person buys a new car, they can choose if they want to keep the license plate or issue a new one. New license plates cost Lƒ30.

The international vehicle registration code for the country is "LE".


The current format is used since 1997. The plate is white with black digits; the first letter indicates the vehicle type of the car, followed by eight numbers.

Vehicle types

  • A for private vehicles.
  • B for buses.
  • C for trucks.
  • G for government cars.
  • P for prototypes.
  • R for trailers.
  • T for taxis.


The typeface DIN 1451 Engschrift is used on the current plates.

Special plates

Lecrotia Special License Plates
  • The military plates use the green code Mil. (short for Militare), followed by 5 digits.
  • Ambulances have red plates with white digits: Amb. NNNNN.
  • Police cars have blue plates with white digits: Pol. NNNNN.
  • Members of the Tinkietist Church have purple plates with white digits: CTL NNNNN.
  • The Presidential car has only one digit: 1.

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