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Vereva sun
Diurnal Eye
General Information
Functions as


Distance from Vereva

67 million miles (108 million km)


Visible until winter

Physical Information

750,000 miles (1,207,008km)





Average temperature

5,778 K



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The Diurnal Eye is the star, or sun, around which Vereva orbits. The Diurnal Eye and the Nocturnal Eye are named for the goddess Bevesta of Vereva's main religious faith Majicium. The two celestial bodies are said to be her eyes watching over the denizens of Vereva without discrimination. In folklore, the Nocturnal Eye sees all that happens and exists in the darkness and shadows of the planet, and the Diurnal Eye sees all that takes place in the light.

Distance, orbit and time

The Diurnal Eye rests still at a distance of 67 million miles (108 million km) from Vereva. Vereva completes an orbit around its sun in 40,050 Verevian days (89 years), nearly 110 times slower than that of Earth. A complete rotation around the sun, marks a Verevian era and not a Verevian year, which is marked by a complete rotation of the moon. Most cultures of Vereva don't account an era as an important mark of time as many generations don't live to expierence one. The Aelvess, however, do use the era to mark time becaues of their longevity. In Avelamb, many may go as far as to tell their age in eras, and not years.

Physical attributes

The surface and core of the Diurnal Eye are made of combustible gases and plasma that erupt at an average temprature of 5,778 K (9,941°F; 5,305°C). Its heat can be felt for nearly 300 million miles. In the winter season, when the icy moon moves before the sun, the heat is warm enough to melt large amounts of ice that fall onto Vereva and create the mists.


In Bevesta and Avelamb, it is said that the sun didn't exist until the mid 300s, when it was cast as an enchantment by a great Majician who wanted to save Vereva from the demons of the night.

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