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plur. Gnomes
General Information



Sentient humanoid




Ji Vei

Average Lifespan

34 years

Physical Information
Average Height

34-45 in (86-114cm)

Average Weight

40-50 lbs (18-23kg)

Skin Colors

White, tan

Hair Colors

Black, brown, red

Eye Colors

Red, burgundy, green

Abilities Information
Special Attributes

Webbed feet, long arms, extremely lightweight, Dwarven Aging Factor, short and skinny

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See also: Gnomes

Despite calling Eidriel home, Gnomes, now extinct, are believed to originate alongside the Humans on the Kensillan Continent because of their sentient feature.

Once the recognized religion the world over, Majicium still lends much of the cultural staples (and stereotypes) attributed to each race.  In the Thaumopaedia, it is written:

"To the Gnomes timid within the Caverns, She charmed them with surreal crafts.
The Gnomes became knowledgable about the world around them
 And manipulate nature for their benefit."
(Thaumopaedia: Chapter 12, Verses 28-30)

They lived in harmony with the Giants from whom they fed and clothed themselves. 


Gnomes took advantage of their smaller stature to offer assistance to the Giants. Living in the highest branches of the Treants from which Giants obtained their food, the Gnomes would ride their arms as they picked the leaves and collect the dead animals and plants that nested on their bodies or that they inadvertently killed or maimed as a result of ttheir poor eyesight.


Main: Dwarven aging factor

Gnomes aged alike Dwarves, approximately 2.34 times faster than the Human aging factor.


Gnomes were the shortest race. The average Gnome measured no more than 4'9" (145cm) as an adult. They were characterized with short legs and long arms. Men's arms were typically long enough so that he may touch the ground when standing erectly. The Gnomes were also very lightweight, weighing little enough as to be able to swim through the mists, which accounts for their webbed feet, larger in proportion to their bodies than any of their other physical features.


Gnomes were divided into different tribes bases on which forest of Treants they inhabited. Customs and cultures varied greatly between Gnomes as it was rare for the species to leave their home and walk upon the ground unless they were taking a swim as Treants watered themselves, or they were banished from their tribe. Because of this, the Gnome language, called Ji Vei, had a multitude of dialects, many of which have never been recovered by anthropologists, lost forever with time. 


Gnome clothing was tribe-specific though one characteristic was common across the board: the traditional hat of the Gnome was a large, red cone hat believed to have some sort of majickle ability. 


The only existing stereotypes of Gnomes are known from literature from time periods in which they lived and folklore passes down by mouth over hundreds of generations. As to respect their deaths, most negative stereotypes had become unvoiced and eventually died out. The Gnomes were very timid and passive. They were quick-witted and clever which aided them greatly because of their non-confrontational attitude. 

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