Veyron-Buhari Industries
Type Conglomerate
Founded 1908
Founder(s) Eros Veyron
Headquarters Veyron City, Port-au-Sang, Ixania, Republic of Atlion
Area served Global
Key people Isidor Veyron (Chairman)
Industry Electronics, automotives, arms manufacturing, energy, heavy industrial equipment, cybernetic prosthetics, advanced robotics
Services Private military contractor
Revenue Classified
Net income Classified
Employees Classified
Divisions Veyron-Buhari Research Division
Subsidiaries Lexmada Solutions
Mazin Industries
The Veyron-Buhari Industries is a large, multi-billion dollar, conglomerate cartel which is both the largest corporation in its home state of Ixania, and the second-largest corporation in the Republic of Atlion. The corporation is run by Isidor Veyron, who has been note throughout the country as a sleezy businessman who has allowed Veryon-Buhari to ruthlessly and mercilessly crushed commerical rivals. The company's policy is to ensure that every measure is taken to produce bigger and better products for its customers, and this has gotten it into trouble since its formation.

Veyron-Buhari is consistently portrayed as exhibiting the worst aspects of corporate profiteering, willing to sacrifice decency and human life in seemingly the pursuit of profit. While not too far from the truth, the corporation has produced a number of useful things for society, and today is the leader in the fields electronics, genetically-engineered foodstuffs, heavy industry, cybernetic prosthetics, nano-technolgical research, and advanced robotics. It is also the leader of Atlion's arms industry, and produces most of the country's cars and vehicles. The corporation is headquartered in Port-au-Sang, Ixania, and has corporate branches in Broker, Sagesse, Intima, and Atlantia.

The corproration conducts numerous experiments and genetic projects by way of the Veyron-Buhari Research Division. This branch of the corporation has conducted experiments which have been kept a closely-guarded secret, such as the successful cloning of a human being, and attempts to develop new weapons for the company's security forces. Veyron-Buhari has enjoyed much success over the years, and has even expanded its operations to include numerous private military companies, one of which is Lexmada Solutions, a PMC which has been heavily involved in the conflicts and atrocities in Africa.