Vice President of the Republic of Lecrotia
Vice Presidential Emblem of Lecrotia
Vice Presidential Emblem of the Republic of Lecrotia
Roberto Muranni.jpg
Roberto Muranni

since September 28, 2012
Style Mr. or Ms. Vice President
Residence Castelmagno
Term length Six years
Inaugural holder Raffaele Voltolini
October 24, 1794
Formation Constitution
October 24, 1794

The Vice President of the Republic of Lecrotia (Italian: Vice Presidente della Repubblica; Lecrotian: Viz-Präsident Repüblikke) is the head of government of the Republic of Lecrotia. It is the second highest rank in the Republic's local politics. The Vice President has the power to appoint the ministers. The Vice President is also the head of the Supreme Court of Lecrotia; therefore, he/she is also the holder of the judiciary power.


# Name Took Office Left Office Party President
1 Ruggero Manna 1958 1964 Democratic Tiziano Costa
2 Arnaldo Piazza 1964 1970 Democratic Silvestro Longo
3 Luigi Rimandi 1970 1976 Christian Giuseppe Darion
4 Edoardo Amelia 1976 1982 Democratic Guglielmo Fiorentini
5 Francesco Grunding 1982 1988 Communist Mario Loggia
6 Alberto Baresi 1988 1994 Democratic Azeglio Remisi
7 Gabriele Bellucci 1994 2000 Democratic Alberto Pirozzi
8 Umberto Zanìn 2000 2006 Conservative Aldo Brighi
9 Gianfranco Pinto 2006 2012 Centrist Filippo Manfrin
10 Roberto Muranni 2012 Incumbent Democratic Giorgio Sabattini

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