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Victoire Bridge
Victoire Bridge from triangle.jpg
The Victoire Bridge, viewed from the Victory Triangle Marina. (2012)
Carries 6 lanes of Victoire Boulevard, Metro Victoire Boulevard Line, and 2 sidewalks
Crosses Dentele River
Locale Rossieu Island, Luminaire to Victory Triangle, Luminaire (National Capital Region)
Maintained by Luminaire Tollways Administration, Mass Transit Administration
Design steel suspension bridge
Total length 11,155 ft (3,400 m)
Opened 1932
Toll Cars 3.00
Daily traffic 160,000

The Victoire Bridge (French Pont Victoire) is a double-decked suspension bridge across the Dentele River connecting Rossieu Island in Luminaire with the mainland's Eastern Shore. Along with the Commons Bridge, the West Tonway Connector, and the Lakeland Tunnel, the Victoire is one of four primary vehicular crossings of the Dentele River between the city's islands and the mainland.

The bridge is owned and operated by the Luminaire Tollways Administration, which operates toll facilities in the National Capital Region, and the Mass Transit Administration, which operates the Metro rapid transit system.



As of 2010, over 160,000 vehicles cross the bridge every day, the busiest in-city crossing of the Dentele River. The cost of toll to cross the river in both directions is 3 currency units cash[1] and 2.50 currency units using a Luminaire FlashPass transponder for two-axle vehicles, 2 currency units cash and 1.50 FlashPass for motorcycles, 10 currency units cash and 7.50 currency units FlashPass for vehicles with more than two-axles. Toll is collected in both directions at the Victoire Boulevard Toll Plaza, west of the bridge on Rossieu Island.

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