Victor Dagrung was a mercenary who became the first King of the Highborn.
Birth 629, Age of the Dragons Coming
Death 700, Age of the Dragons Coming
Weapons Twin Swords, crossbow
Allies Destron Serpentslayer, Aelia Flareford
Title King of the Highborn
Fighting Style Magical sword attacks

Early life

Victor was born in the village of Minyar, to Garett and Elena Dagrung. The Dragons had desended upon Haddashal long before he was born, and the whole of the world was in the tyranny of their oppression. They killed all who resisted their power, and in 644, Age of Dragons Coming, the Firewyrms, soldiers of the Dragon Empire, killed the thirteen year-old Victor's parents and wounded him severely. He miraculously survived through the help of a secret resistance against the Empire, The Asgar'then. He lived in one of their caves for eight years, occasionally going with the Asgar'then raiders to feed his desire for revenge.

Meeting Destron

When Victor was twenty-one a stranger came to the Asgar'then hideout that he lived in. The stranger's name was Destron, called Serpentslayer for his killing of a Firewyrm. He was going on a quest to find the Sword Deathbringer, a weapon that legends said could destroy a race off the face of the world. Victor volunteered to go with Destron, and the adventure of a lifetime began.

Questing for the Deathbringer

Legend said that the Sword lay in the Vault of Shadows, located somewhere on the Gsal'var Isles. So Victor and his newfound friend headed towards the nearest coast, formerly called Queensbay, now called Wyrmscoast. The two questers passed through the underground tunnels of the Asgar'then up to the Shadowgreat Forest, where the tunneling stopped.