Victory for Democracy
Victory for Democracy Cover
First edition hardback cover
Author Andrew Burges
Country Australia
Language English
Genre AutobiographyPolitical theory
Publisher Independent Publishers
Publication date 26 January 2035
Media type Hardback
Pages 562
ISBN 0-630-30529-7
Followed by Australia's Place

Victory for Democracy is an autobiographical manifesto authored by the Australian Nationalist leader Andrew Burges outlining his political, social and economic philosophy. Released on Australia Day 2035, it was edited by Burges' close friend Carlton Hughes and published by Independent Publishers.

Having begun writing following his election to the House of Representatives in 2024, Burges intended the book to be an exposition on his political ideals of white nationalism and economic protectionism. Over the years, he expanded the scope of his book to include his own autobiography as well as his own outlook for Australia's future at the time.


Originally wanting to title the book "Advance Australia - A History of the Southern Nation" or "Our Place in History", Burges decided to change the name prior to it's first edition printing in 2035 to simply "Victory for Democracy" at his publishers request. The new title would ultimately become one of Burges' most popular sayings throughout his political career.


The arrangement of chapters is as follows:

  • Part One - The History
    • Chapter One - True Australians I
    • Chapter Two - In the State of the North
    • Chapter Three - Study and Schooling
    • Chapter Four - The Collapse I
    • Chapter Five - Growing Voice
    • Chapter Six - Saleam and the Nation
    • Chapter Seven - State of the World I
    • Chapter Eight - The Collapse II
    • Chapter Nine - State of the World II
    • Chapter Ten - Campaigns and Characters I
    • Chapter Eleven - Campaigns and Character II
    • Chapter Twelve - State of the World III
    • Chapter Thirteen - The House that Fathers Built
  • Part Two - The Nation
    • Chapter One - True Australians II
    • Chapter Two - A Peoples History
    • Chapter Three - Perceptions of Nations
    • Chapter Four - State of the World IV
    • Chapter Five - Dangers of the World I
    • Chapter Six - Struggle and Survival
    • Chapter Seven - Unity of Nations
    • Chapter Eight - State of the World V
    • Chapter Nine - The World Around Us
    • Chapter Ten - Dangers of the World II
  • Part Three - The End
    • Chapter One - Strength or Division
    • Chapter Two - Conclusions I
    • Chapter Three - Conclusions II
  • Index



White Nationalism



Publication history



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