Four lions
Staatswappen Rhöntals
Coat of Arms of Rhöntal
Version used by the government as form of official representation (e.g. passports)
Löwchen (little lion) Version used in everyday use
Armiger The Monarch of Rhöntal
Adopted moder form in 1992, first appearance 1804
Crest a reigning duke's crown
Escutcheon Quarterly: 1 and 4 Scharnwart-Firmar, 2 and 3 Rhöntal Overall an inescutcheon with the Wehrbergwappen

The Vierlöwen is the coat of arms of the Duchy of Rhöntal.

According to a law from 1992 Rhöntal has three coat of arms the Little, Middle and the Great Coat of Arms.

Great Coat of Arms

The Great Coat of Arms is the official coat of arms of the monarch an is used at ceremonial occasions by Parliament and government.


Quarterly, first and fourth Azure a lion rampant argent armed and langued Gules, second and third Vert a lion of the first, Overall an inescutcheon Azure three Pales argent; for a Crest, a ducal Proper; Mantling Gules and ermine; for Supporters, dexter and sinister a lion rampant gardant Argent a lion rampant argent armed and langued Gules.

Middle Coat of Arms

The Middle Coat of Arms consists of the shield of the great one. It is used for important official documents, passports and as official designation of the state (e.g. in front of the ministries).

Little Coat of Arms

The Little Coat of Arms shows the main Elements of the Great one but is in itself not actually a heraldic coat of arms and therefore categorized as a symbol of by the King of Arms of Rhöntal. Blazon: Azure per Fesse Vert overall a lion rampant armed and langued Gules, for a crest a ducal crown proper.

This coat of arms is commonly known as "Löwchen" (little lion).

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