The Vilkyats (also referred to as the "Cave-Men", "Deep-Folk", or the "Dwarves") were a race of Yat who inhabited Garbaterra long before the humans.

They use the term "Vilkyats", whose meaning was roughly translated to "people in the mines". However, they were commonly referred as "Dwarves" by men.


Dawn Age

The Vilkyats were originally a wealthy and prosperous society that made their home in portions of Otechestvo. Prior to the arrival of the Juyats, they prospered along side the Nengyats.

The First Age


When the Juyats arrived from Grexica, the Vilkyats struck up a somewhat comfortable relationship with Juyats. While at first peaceful, the Vilkyats soon discovered that the Juyats were a cruel, fearsome, and fathomable horde of barbarians.

Conflict with the Juyats

About a century after the arrival of the Juyats, the Five Paragons of the Vilkyats were roused. Of those five, only the name of one is famous, Thiroth I, who was called the harbinger. Each of the five paragons became a king of his own clan, and each built his own great burrow. Two major holds are known to have been built in the First Age. Nognuzam was built in the White Mountain, and they formed alliances with the Nengyats and fought in their wars. Thiroth I, on the other hand, wandered into a vale in the Inferno Mountains he named Zelgamir. He proceeded to build his great burrow, Firkluzam, below the mountains. In the First Age, the Vilkyats made alliances with the Nengyats, and both prospered from trade. Vilkyats from Nognuzam invented the famous Vilkmail of linked chains and fashioned the finest steel the world had ever seen. They fought alongside Nengyats and participated in some of the major battles of the First Age, including the Battle of Nothriand and the Siege of Mon-Avil in which the Vilkyats of Firkluzam won great renown for being the only ones able to survive the Blizzard of Arrows and occupy the main castle.

Uridia Wars

The Vilkyats of Firkluzam were famous for the craftmanship of their weapons. Most notable amongst their smiths was Erispoon. Vilkyats from Nognuzam crafted the crown Partherun, and Khazerond requested Vilken smiths from Nognuzam to set an Uridia in the center of the crown. Thus were united the greatest works of Nengyats and Vilkyats. Those Vilkyat-smiths were driven mad by gold-lust, however, and murdered Khazerond and stole the crown and the stone, igniting the bitter rivalry between Vilkyats and Nengyats that would rage between the two races until the end of the Third Age.

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