A.k.a Macroid, a huge mythical creature that is made of organic matter and stellar energy that forms a shape. The head has different sections where the brain cells are living creatures that are in a war with other brain cells. The cell creatures are called Oligozoids who works non-stop if one slows down and dies a new cell takes its place. The necroblastic cell is an Oligozoid who died from a premature birth. The Macrozoid's interior is a dangerous sphere of hostile creatures and half-digested beings called scatoids. The stomach contains a graveyard of ships, and more debris, and the workers are called Briggsters, a member of a race of enslaved humanoids from other planets. The Briggsters are victims to the r'loks, an aggressive species of mutated organisms from Sleddesky a planet that was swallowed by a Macroid and was passed to the gene cells.

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