All viscountcies within the Seafaring Confederation are located in the nation of Rockall, where they are the equivalent of a Saxonian State.


Current status

As of 1930, viscountcies form semi-autonomous regions within the Earldom of Rockall. All viscountcies but An Uinnia are subdivided into baronies, which are then further subdivided into baronetcies (which An Uinnia does have).

Viscountcies are led by a viscount and a viscountcial government. A viscountcial government can choose to delegate some of its powers to the lower subdivisions.

As of 1993, when the viscountcies of An Uinnia hÓ Nuardh and An Uinnia hÓ Dhéase merged to form An Uinnia, there are a total of six viscountcies in Rockall, and by extent in the Seafaring Confederation.


Map Viscountcy Capital City Population Main language
An Móir Leautheinn An Móir Leautheinn Nuardhtheaobhoinn 456,120 Astrallic
An Thir na tÁirdteachd An Thir na tÁirdteachd Innéair Áibhan Eoighearr 471,201 Rockallian
An Uinnia An Uinnia Féichthbhann Ó Dhéase 1,421,921 Rockallian
Cóste Ígheainne Cóste Ígheainne Régnich na Nuardh 972,901 Fernolian
Líchthiach Thiair Líchthiach Thiair Mhólanne 854,433 Fernolian
Rockallic Federal District Rockallic Federal District An Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine 3,345,231 Rockallian

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