The Visualiser is a range of nano computers innovated and manufactured by Westlandic nanotech company, Jormangund Technologies. First released in 2011, it quickly became the largest selling piece of technology in the world, making many devices obsolete. 

When it was released the Visualiser was a highly innovative piece of technology. The device is mounted behind the ear, and uses impulses to transfer images and sound into the user's mind. The device can link wirelessly to the world's internet and information networks seamlessly.

A Visualiser can play music, make phonecalls, perform internet functions such as browsing and emailing, other functions such as games, reference, navigation, social networking are available through the downloading of various apps for specific functions. The visualiser can detect thoughts and put them into action. For example, if someone was to think, 'Visualiser; Open Newspaper' the visualiser would recognise the command and open the digital newspaper and display it in user's minds eye. As of 2014, it is estimated that over 10% of the world's population own a visualiser.

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