The Voice of Westland, also formerly known as Radio Westland, is the international-broadcast service of Westland, it is known for broadcasting pro-Westlandic propaganda and News. It is broadcasted across Europe, and North America from its two transmitters in Brikkstö and Vintasnö in the Westlandic territory of Vinland off the coast of North America, it is also broadcast over the internet and on AM and FM frequencies. It is predominantly broadcast in English, however programs are also broadcast in French, Spanish and German. The station is particularly aimed at North America, specifically audiences in the United States, and is broadcast from close proximity to United States territory. The broadcast is notably bias in favour of Westlandic Socialism and is also highly Anti-Capitalist, and is not presented as an un-bias and objective source.


Broadcasts are approximately 55 minutes long. The Interval signal consists of the first few notes of the Westlandic national anthem every hour, followed by the station announcement, 'This is the Voice of Westland,' followed by the National Anthem of Westland, after which a news broadcasting consisting of news from Westlandic broadcaster, Fölksnetzvörk is played. The news is followed by several current V-pop hits, ideological editorials, and often anti-American rhetoric. The broadcast concludes with the sign off station announcement 'This is the Voice of Westland' and frequency information.

Each 55 minute programme in English, French, Spanish and German follows the same schedule as described above, and is broadcast after each other from 00:00 at the start of the day, and 23:55 at the end of that day, starting with English, from 01:00 to 01:55, French from 02:00 to 02:55, Spanish from 03:00 to 03:55, Spanish from 04:00 to 04:55 and German from 05:00 to 05:55, and so on in that order until the end of the broadcast day.


The Voice of Westland is broadcasted on radio stations all across Europe and North America. In Europe, the broadcast has high ratings in the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland and even Russia. The station also has wide reach in Anglo-America as well as it's reportedly heard across all major countries in the region. The station is state-sponsered in Westland and is heard in almost all Westlandic radio stations according to official statistics.