The Von Stauffenburg is the first of the FGC's new class of military forward basing platforms, or “mini-carriers”. The class is also named “Von Stauffenburg” as well. It has the capability of launching VTOL aircraft against an opponent and providing swift, affordable, and versatile air support.

The ships in the fleet include:

  • Von Stauffenburg

  • Charlemagne

  • Carolingian

  • Jean Monnet

  • Strassburg

  • Brussels

The Von Stauffenburg class has also been covertly slipped to Taiwan so as to give them a means of cheaply defending their territorial waters. The first one is named the Chiang Kai Shek after the founder of the Kuomintang. The FGC, however, maintains deniability and says that the ROC obtained the plans for the carrier through a security breach, leading to a brief staged decline in relations.

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