The Von Nadaa System is an extra-cluster system first discovered by the Evokar in -- BD. The Von Nadaa System is approximately 3.543 Light Years from the Von Shadaa System. The system comprises of four planets, one of which is barely habitable, Nal Nadaa, which was home to a temporary settlement by the Jarrl upon discovery by the Evokar, and today the planet is home to a joint Evokar-Jarrl Colony.


The System was the destination of the first interstellar journey using FTL travel by the Evokar. Whilst arriving in the system the Evokar came into contact with the Jarrl Fleet, in orbit of Nal Nadaa, where they had a meager settlement on the cold planet. The Jarrl had arrived in the system over 2 years ago, and it had been the first habitable planet they had come across since leaving their home system over 230 years ago following destruction of their homeworld. The planet quickly became a permanent Evokar-Jarrl Colony in the years following, however much of the colony was destroyed during the Gongin Invasion in 95 AD.


The Von Nadaa System is home to four planets, one of which is habitable, aswell as two other terrestrial planets and a large gas giant. The orbital order of the system is listed below;

  • Nal Primm
  • Nal Nadaa
  • Nal Minn
  • Nal Sur

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