The Von Shadaa System is the fourth system orbiting the central star, Parnithia in the Pardus Cluster. The system has a single planet, Nal Evok which is home to the Evokar race. Von Shadaa means 'Old Star' in Evokari, with the prefix 'Von' meaning star, all Evokari astronomical objects are named with prefixes including the Von Nadaa System, or 'New Star.'


The Von Shadaa System is home to the Evokar Species, one of clusters most powerful races, native to the planet Nal Evok ('Nal' meaning Planet). The Evokars achieved spaceflight in the year 18 BD, and landed on Nal Evok's moon, Nar Khutta, which became a thriving Evokari colony. The Asteroid field was also explored by the evokars, establishing an Element Z mining colony on the largest asteroid, the colony later became a major hub of trading and crime and became covered entirely by city and a biodome, and became known as Nar Gomorrah

During the Gongin Invasion in 95 AD, Von Shadaa, being the outermost system of the cluster was one of the hardest hit, along with the Evokari colonies in the Von Nadaa System. Much of the rebuilding effort of the Pardusian Broterhood was focused on the system and the Von Nadaa system following its creation. 


The Von Shadaa System has a single planet, Nar Evok, the homeworld of the Evokar race. Nal Evok is orbited by a single moon, Nar Khutta. Beyond the planet, the Avrik Asteroid Belt orbits the G-Type Star, Von Shadaa. The system is the outermost system of the cluster, and closest to the Halidasaa System

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