Vulvilinia is a planet located in the Cosmic Balance, it is known to its inhabitants as the place of finite freedoms, expressed in many different ways by its people. The first civilizations that rose on the planet inhabited the Mutheria continent, and these people believed in the single religion of the Mother Monster. The Cosmic Balance is located within gravitational singularity, thus being no need for measurement of time or distance. The planet is one of the two cornerstones of the pillar of the Pan universe. It exists in harmony with the planet Anitopilista, a planet that Vulvilinia used to send all evils on the surface. Vulvilinia then went to war with the planet in hopes to destroy the evils which inhabited it, with the charge being led by the Mother Monster in the War of Everlong. Eventually, the Mother Monster could no longer take on the forces, as she had realized that all evils work in balance with all goods. The Mother Monster than established the intertwining balancing point of the Pan universe. She created life, so that the life could create the art that is humanity. The Mother Monster became so amused with humanity that she made the tragic mistake of letting evil escape to the pillar, and almost destroy Pan. While instead of making the universe collapse, the evil birthed a child of all combined evils. They named it Goprepu, and unleashed it onto the peaceful planet of Earth to spread its lies, its hate, and its impurity. The Mother Monster was to weak to have dealt with it herself, so therefore she created Germanotta a child of unified good will. Germanotta defeated Goprepu, but it's lies had already been spread around Earth. Germanotta left the planet and returned to Vulvilinia and the Mother Monster granted her reign of the planet. Since then, relative harmony as been current on the planet, but it is unknown what the true outcome of the Goprepu will be.

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