National League One
Waves FA National League One logo
Founded 1957
Country The Waves
Confederation CAF
Number of teams 16
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to National League Two
Domestic cup(s) WFA Cup
International cup(s) CAF Champions League
CAF Confederation Cup
Current champions Rockington Central (8th title)
Most championships Rockington United (14 titles)
TV partners WBC 2
Website www.wfa.wv
2017–18 National League One

National League One is the highest professional football league in The Waves.

The league was first competed in 1957. In the Agian football system, there are three divisions under National League One. They are; League Two, Three and Four.

In total, 53 clubs have competed in National League One since its inception in 1992. 13 of them have won the title: Rockington United (16), Deportivo La Pampas (13), Rockington Central (8), Fairfax Raiders (6), Rio Bravo UD (4) Lunera United (3), Atletico Mitera (2), Lugano Lightning (2), Sporting Carlotta (2), St Edwards (1), Crespo Cavaliers (1), FC Alberti (1) and Kampos City (1).

Competition format

The league consists of 16 clubs. During the course of a season (from August to May) each club plays the others twice (a double round-robin system), once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents', for a total of 30 games. Teams receive three points for a win and one point for a draw. No points are awarded for a loss. Teams are ranked by total points, then goal difference, and then goals scored. If still equal, teams are deemed to occupy the same position. If there is a tie for the championship, for relegation, or for qualification to other competitions, a play-off match at a neutral venue decides rank. The two lowest placed teams are relegated into National League Two, with the top two teams from that league promoted in their place.

Standing Committee

The National League One Standing Committee is a body composed of the Premier League club presidents who represent their club on a board. These do not have executive powers but are a formal body that has official influence with regards to rules, regulations and issues that relate to the league. From time to time the committee makes proposals to the respective and WFA bodies for approval.

Teams and Locations

Team Location Stadium Head Coach Position
Atletico Mitera Mitera Mitera Park Flag_of_Spain.png Cornelio Escamilla 10
Deportivo La Pampas La Pampas Estadio La Pampas Flag_of_France_%281790-1794%29.svg Alban Mercier 2
Fairfax Raiders Fairfax Fairfax Field Waves_Flag_Final.jpg Kit Rendón 4
FC Alberti Alberti Alberti Arena Waves_Flag_Final.jpg Chandra Evaristo 6
FC Chivas Chivas Estadio Chivas Flag_of_Brazil.png Silvio Ferreiro 8
Ignacio Indians Torrosa Ignacio Palace Waves_Flag_Final.jpg Sashi Alfredo *1st
Lugano Lightning Lugano Lugano Arena Waves_Flag_Final.jpg Bob Nazario 12
Lunera United Lunera Lunera Stadium Flag_of_Italy.png Dario Marconi 13
Paidi Panthers Paidi Paidi Arena Flag_of_South_Africa.svg Pieter Van Der Vennen *2nd
Real Sonoras Sonoras Sun Stadium Flag_of_Spain.png César Villaverde 7
Rio Bravo UD Rio Bravo Estadio Rio Bravo Waves_Flag_Final.jpg Jasper Mael 3
Rockington Central Rockington Bay Arena Waves_Flag_Final.jpg Tino Brezzi 1
Rockington United Rockington Rockington Park Flag_of_England.png Pete Devoncroft 5
Santiago Steels Santiago Steels Stadium Flag_of_England.png Jermaine Lewis 14
Sporting Carlotta Carlotta Carlotta Green Flag_of_Seychelles.svg Vincent Belmont 11
Talcapo Titans Talcapo Talcapo Bowl Flag_of_England.png Mickey Crawford 9
  • Crespo Cavaliers and San Carlos Fire were relegated to the National League Two for the 2017–18 season, while Ignacio Indians, and Paidi Panthers were promoted from the National League Two.


Here is a complete list of the past champions of the top level in Agian football.

1957–58: Sporting Carlotta

1958–59: St Edwards

1959–60: Deportivo La Pampas

1960–61: Sporting Carlotta

1961–62: Deportivo La Pampas

1962–63: Kampos City

1963–64: Rockington United

1964–65: Lugano Lightning

1965–66: Deportivo La Pampas

1966–67: Lugano Lightning

1967–68: Rockington United

1968–69: Rockington United

1969–70: Rio Bravo UD

1970–71: Rio Bravo UD

1971–72: Fairfax Raiders

1972–73: Rio Bravo UD

1973–74: Lugano Lightning

1974–75: Rio Bravo UD

1975–76: Rockington United

1976–77: Fairfax Raiders

1977–78: Rockington United

1978–79: Fairfax Raiders

1979–80: Fairfax Raiders

1980–81: Rockington Central

1981–82: Deportivo La Pampas

1982–83: Rockington United

1983–84: Deportivo La Pampas

1984–85: Fairfax Raiders

1985–86: Deportivo La Pampas

1986–87: Rockington United

1987–88: Fairfax Raiders

1988–89: Rockington United

1989–90: Deportivo La Pampas

1990–91: Rockington United

1991–92: Deportivo La Pampas

1992–93: Deportivo La Pampas

1993–94: Rockington United

1994–95: Rockington Central

1995–96: Rockington United

1996–97: Rockington United

1997–98: Deportivo La Pampas

1998–99: Rockington United

1999–00: Rockington United

2000–01: Lugano Lightning

2001–02: Deportivo La Pampas

2002–03: Rockington United

2003–04: Lunera United

2004–05: FC Alberti

2005–06: Lunera United

2006–07: Rockington Central

2007–08: Rockington Central

2008–09: Deportivo La Pampas

2009–10: Rockington Central

2010–11: Crespo Cavaliers

2011–12: Rockington United

2012–13: Rockington Central

2013–14: Deportivo La Pampas

2014–15: Rockington Central

2015–16: Atletico Mitera

2016–17: Rockington Central


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