Wabash Armed Forces (en)
Forces Armées Ouabache (fr)
Founded June 7th, 1775
Service branches Wabash Army
Wabash Naval Forces
Wabash Air Force
Wabash National Reserve (reserves)
Headquarters Wabash Central Command, Chicago
Chief Superior of the Wabash Albanactus
Military age 16 - 55
Conscription 15 - 45
Reaching military
age annually
(2014. est)
Budget 200 billion

The Wabash Armed Forces are the federal military forces of the Wabash Confederation. Consisting of Wabash Army, the Wabash Naval Defense Force and the Wabash Air Force. Created after the Wabash Civil War in 1915, the nations military's were unified under the Federal Military Charter and later put under the control of the Chief Superior of the State and the Senate of the Wabash.

Owning origins to the Wabash Confederate Army created on June 7th 1775 created to fight during the Wabash Revolutionary War, aiding the United States in their cause for independence. The naval forces were created from the guidelines of the Wabash Confederate Navy that was instrumental in defending the Saint Lawrence River.

The Wabash Armed Forces is the 5th largest military in the world, with a standing military of nearly 980,200 soldiers, 4,900 which are currently deployed in peacekeeping missions. During the summer months of 15 year old males, and females who volunteer are sent to conscription training and are are trained in how to fight, shot and upon the second year in college will attend a 'Specialization Course' to gain a trade for the military concerning their profession.