The War Council of the Hurian Federation is the legislative branch of the Hurian Federation, responsible for making and enforcing the laws of Huria. Formed in 1903, the War Council was designed to serve as a counter-balance to the power of the Supreme Commander, serving as advisors and watchers, ensuring that the Hurian leader stuck to the code and beliefs of the late Othello Williams. Consisting of ten members, and lead by the War Minister, the War Council is made up of the most senior military commanders within both the Hurian Armed Forces.






Branch Rank Incumbent Picture in office since
Hurian Armed Forces War Minister of the Hurian Federation Nandi Mashaba Nandi Mashaba 17 August 2009
Hurian Land Forces Field Marshal of the Hurian Land Forces Ibrahim Kourouma Ibrahim Kourouma 17 August 2009
Federal Security Forces Marshal of the Federal Security Forces Xue Yue Xue Yue 17 May 2002
Territorial Defence Force Marshal of the Territorial Defence Force Samson Naide Samson Naide 8 March 1995
Hurian Commandos Marshal of the Hurian Commandos Hassan al-Masaari Hassan al-Masaari 23 December 1997
Fatherland Militia Marshal of the Fatherland Militia Kadin Ta'anari Kadin Ta'anari 11 August 2001
Mauaji Marshal of the Mauaji Ahmadu Shagari Ahmadu Shagari 20 July 1991
Hurian Air Force Air Commadore of the Hurian Air Force Ghali Semenya Ghali Semenya 1 June 1989
Hurian Navy Grand Admiral of the Hurian Navy Mariama Karamoko Mariama Karamoko 6 July 2007
Hurian Penal Legions Grand Provost Marshal of the Hurian Penal Legions Naja Barre Naja Barre 16 November 1995

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