War Minister of the Hurian Federation
Vita Waziri ya Hurian Shrikisho
Nandi Mashaba.png
Nandi Mashaba

since 23 August 2009
Style The Honorable (Formal)
Commander (Formal)
Sir/Ma'am (Informal)
Residence Ushujaa State House
Defiance, Dharau
Appointer Supreme Commander of the Hurian Federation
Term length Life tenure
Inaugural holder Sir Edgard Kenway
Formation 11 May 1891
Succession Procurator of Justice of the Hurian Federation
Salary ₣165,000 annually

The War Minister of the Hurian Federation (Swahili: Vita Waziri ya Hurian Shrikisho) is the head of the Hurian Armed Forces, aide to the Supreme Commander, and the de facto leader of the War Council in the Supreme Commander's absence. The War Minister has often been described as the prime minister of Huria given the weighty responsibilities held by the office, and the fact that as the head of the military–the most important organ of Hurian life and culture, the War Minister's opinion and decisions echo greatly in Hurian politics.

Originally destined to serve in the capacity held by the Director-General of Defence, the War Minister grew to importance as a major office of the Hurian government and military, serving as the stepping stool to the office of Supreme Commander. Held by even future Supreme Commander, the office of War Minister serves as "training" for the position of greater leadership. The office allows the holder a seat within the War Council, often regarded as the true power in Huria, and the automatic title of Antioch, the Hurian equivalent of Field Marshal.

Often considered the highest-position one can attain in their lifetime, the War Minister is generally regarded as one of the few powerful offices that a non-Williams family member can attain with all but their name and reputation to help them. A good working relationship with the Supreme Commander and his family as well as a personal one have allowed members to hold the position for years, and has often allowed the War Minister to have a lasting impact on the family in a non-political way, with a valued friendship such as that between current Supreme Commander Maurice Williams and War Minister Nandi Mashaba having formed in the process.


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