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The War of Originian Revelation

The War of Originian Revelation is the war started by the mages of Altariya University in their quest to spread their revelatory teachings to Origina, following the conclusion of the Fourth Detariyan War. Altair, unwilling to jeopardize their mission by sending Altariyan mages of Detariyan or Ethayan ethnicities, would allow only those of Originian ethnicities to travel to Origina as part of the Diaspora to spread revelation throughout the world. As Origina was so far away, relatively few of the Altariyan mages qualified. Nor would Altair allow his mages to start a war of aggression against any foreign powers for fear of creating an intercontinental coalition against the nascent University - a fear very much on their minds after two decades of war against the guilds.

Those who went of course found themselves being heavily prosecuted. The Originian states had of course heard of the rise of Altariya University, and guards throughout the continent were told to keep a lookout for spellshapers. Many of the Altariyan missionaries were captured and tortured or executed, and the rest were soon fleeing for their lives, whilst simultaneously trying to teach their technology to cadres of students, as well as procure the moieta needed for their spells (and in particular, for the weirds for their own pupils to use). Early skirmishes against the mundane militaries of the luminances led almost invariably to the mages' defeat or escape. Eventually - several years later - the mages would have the numbers to take on the mundane troops and push them back, spreading throughout all the luminances until only the capital city of Luminaria was left as the anti-intellectuals’ and priests' final bastion. The siege of Luminaria concluded with Altariyan victory and the proclamation of Altariyan dominion and the abolishment of the priests of Luminarism, and so the dominion of Luminarism came to an end.

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