The Korean War on Terrorism began in February of 2010, following the reorganization and build up of the Greater Korean Military. The war continues to the present day across the globe and has targeted the Somolian pirates, Taliban, al-Qaeda, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and People's Republic of China.

Middle East


al-Qaeda is an terrorist organization responsible for terrorism across the globe (most notably the Setpember 11th attacks in 2001) and has targeted Korean citzens and interests in the Middle East. To counter the terrorist organization, drone uses were to be used (with permission from the Pakistani government) in Pakistan, and the GKR has avoided civilian casualties. The GKR also deployed 10,000 to Afghanistan to help counter the al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Latin America


Somolian Pirates

The Somolian pirates are an countinous problem for Greater Korean interests in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean; and has been reports that the People's Republic of China has been supporting the Somolian Pirates with weapons and equipment. To counter the shipments, the Korean Minister of Defense has secretly deployed submarines to the area and begin sinking Chinese shipments toward Somolia and Iran.



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