Wars of Gerot the Martyr is a collective name for three conflicts in southern Botnia.

First war

First war of Gerot the Martyr Location: Modern Wasan and Garchon
Combatants Geolo
Result: Sadcodanian victory

Patriarch Gerot was given the task to convert Botnian people into Frasarianism. He chose to start the effort from Girou Delta. After staying only a month there in 1059 the Gironese emperor sent troops to kill the converts and the patriarch.

After hearing of the slaughter, the religious authorities in Sadcodania convinced the Geoloan Empire and Kingdom of Addsi to go into war in Botnia. The war went on for ten years, after which a peace treaty was signed. The Sadcodanians got a foothold in Botnia.

Peace of Berkut, 1070

The kingdom of Berkut got a Frasarian king. The Duchy of Ringorot turned from a Gironese fief to Berkutese fief. Gironese Empire gave regions of Sondon, Solfu and Tobiru to the Duchy.

Second war

Third war

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