The Washington Act of 2007 was the first major piece of legislation passed by the Parliament of the New England Republic (note, the Parliament Act was passed by the Philadelphia Congress) on 2 April 2007. It declares the city of Washington D.C. an autonomous city-state with several home rule privileges. It was enacted because the new government didn't think it had an original claim to the city, as all new nations in the former USA once had their capital there. The act also, arguably the most important provision, establishes the capital of the New England Republic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Notable provisions

  • Washington D.C. becomes an autonomous city-state within the New England Republic.
  • The new name of the city-state is henceforth the "District of Washington" (DOW).
  • The DOW receives one seat within the NER House of Delegates.
  • The DOW may establish its own legislature.

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